Team - Junction Square Condos by Block Developments

This is the team, that turns a concept into a coveted lifestyle.

Block Developments is a real estate investment and development firm with a mandate to provide homebuyers with beautifully designed and meticulously crafted homes in outstanding locations.

Our guiding philosophy is to create dynamic urban revitalization with vibrant master planned mixed-use communities offering sustainable green living and cutting-edge technology. Featuring superior amenities and premium features and finishes, every suite is developed to the highest standards with the resident’s ultimate enjoyment in mind.


We always strive for sustainable, environmentally conscious design by implementing energy and water saving technologies, recycling measures and planting green spaces in all our communities.


Partnering with award-winning designers and architects, our aesthetic is modern elegance at its finest.


Using only the very best materials, our buildings are constructed with deft attention to detail, resulting in truly remarkable homes.


At Block Developments, we are constantly adapting to take advantage of the latest technology to improve how we live.


Connect in common areas designed for friends and families to come together, and enjoy friendly neighbourhoods with parks, shopping, dining, and entertainment.


Nothing is more important to us than you. Our team is there for you throughout your home-buying and ownership journey.

RAW speaks to our use of design; we do not aim for the sophisticated or polished but rather the simple and straightforward. RAW speaks to our practice; non-hierarchical, plain to see, a collaborative venture not mediated by bureaucratic controls, all staff are seated at the same desks regardless of experience or status and there are no walls. RAW speaks to our intention to use basic materials and present them simply and directly. Launched in the autumn of 2007, RAW is one of Toronto’s newest and most vibrant Architectural studios. Roland established RAW to realize the full potential of his design vision and to create a working culture matching his professional goals. RAW takes a completely open-minded approach to architecture, encouraging a fluid and collaborative design process. RAW has developed a reputation for fresh ideas and clear thinking, bringing together over 30 years of professional experience designing and building award-winning projects. RAW has carved out a niche in mid-rise, infill developments in and around the GTA. RAW is an architecture workshop committed to design excellence. Their workshop insists on the importance of the urban and the social in our everyday life. Correctly designed, our environment can assist us to live, work and play together.

Author is an award-winning design studio focused on envisioning spaces immersed in rich, textured narratives. They create environments that are expressive and experiential, with a distinct sense of place driven by layered environments rooted in considerate concepts and operational functionality. Their informed and holistic approach has led to the successful realization of spaces where form, material and colour play together. Working closely with their clients, Author establishes a tailored story to guide the project from conception through to the finest detail.